How Do We Prevent Our Website From Being Hacked?

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How Do We Prevent Our Website From Being Hacked?

You may think that your website is safe, that no-one would want to hack your website. We hear “my website has no data or any of my customers details on so there is nothing worth taking” all the time and unfortunately it is wrong. You may think that a hacker wouldn’t target your website, but don’t fall victim. We have a few small steps for you to follow to help protecting your website:


1)    Change Your Passwords
This will sound like an obvious one…but change your passwords regularly – and use different passwords! If you keep the same password and continually use it across different platforms and websites, it is much easier for hackers to find and use. Try updating your passwords every 3 months, using a different combination of both upper and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers.


2)    Avoid File Uploads
If your website allows file uploads, look to see if this is 100% needed, or you could capture the information another way. Having a website which allows you to upload files, makes you a lot more exposed to potential hackers uploading corrupt files to your website. If you do not need files to be uploaded, remove the form and reduce your risk. If you do need files to be uploaded, limit the file type that can be uploaded.


3)    Use HTTPS
HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure), the lock icon in the address bar, is a secure version of HTTP. The ‘S’ means secure, which enables all communication between the browser and the website to be encrypted. Where possible, use HTTPS instead of HTTP. When you send information over HTTPS, no-one is able to intercept it and it is securing your data.


4)    Keep Updated
Keep your website and all of the software you use, updated! Once new versions of software are available, it makes the older versions a lot easier to hack as hackers can find the flaws and back doors into the software. As soon as updates become available, update them – or even better, have automatic updates on!


There are plenty of ways to help protect your website from potential hackers – remember, just because YOU don’t think anyone would attack your website, doesn’t mean they won’t. Be safe – update your passwords regularly and keep your software updated! If you want any more advice, get in touch today and we would be happy to help .