Why Your Website Is More Important Than Your Business Card

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May 8, 2019
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Why Your Website Is More Important Than Your Business Card

In 2019…do we still use business cards? These days everything is digital, met someone at a networking conference? Look them up on LinkedIn and connect. Everything is online these days – find someone’s website, social media, follow them on Instagram or Twitter. Business cards can look great, but do they serve a huge purpose? I don’t always think so…


Unlike your business card, your website can be updated and available to your audience within minutes, sometimes even seconds! Its fresh, its new, it has your new logo or your new office address. Instantly, your business card is outdated. With a website, if you have exciting news or you hire a new Ops Director – this can all be published and at no cost at all. However, change address, phone number or have a new logo created, you then must think about design and printing costs.


More Information
A business card holds very little information, they provide a name and a contact number. But so does your website (or at least it should as a bare minimum!) It holds all the information they need – what service you provide, what your prices are, what you do as a company and how to contact you. You are accessible all across the world, they can use their phone or laptop to go onto your website and email you, whereas if they are solely relying on a card, then they are limited.

CTA (Call To Action)
The biggest and best benefit of your website over any business card, is having a CTA (Call To Action) where you are asking the customer for information – you are asking for their email address, asking them to book now, asking for their phone number or asking them to book an event. Your website is capturing data, capturing information and potentially capturing a new customer. All your business card is capturing is dust!

These days, customers perfect a more digital platform – they want to see what you do, read about what you provide and get a sense of who you are as a business and a person. Your website is so much more personal than a business card, it provides that human touch and it can be accessed by anyone anywhere in the world, leaving you with no limitations.

Think its time to give up your business card and have a website to show off? Get in touch today and let us help build your brand!